Beth Buchanan

Beth Buchanan is a career educator with a background in counseling and trauma responsive practices. She and her husband have served diverse populations, particularly those impacted by developmental and generational trauma in schools and in their home as long time foster and adoptive parents.

For 27 years Beth built on her degree in Social Sciences to better meet the needs of children in her care. She has received two master’s degrees in education and holds teacher and administrative certifications. In the last three years, Beth has turned her attention to providing support for teachers and parents through professional development services and coaching in creating trauma responsive environments.

Her own journey parenting children with extreme behaviors as a result of developmental trauma led to  a personal quest in understanding the neurobiology of behavior.  She and her family found hope in the healing power of the brain and have experienced, firsthand, the lasting effects of training in Neurofeedback. Applying her knowledge and skills to mastering the use of neurofeedback to help other families has become a passion a mission.